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Package search scores are broken

What I Wanted to Do

I published a new version of my package to NPM. I replaced TravisCI with GitHub Actions. I expected my maintenance score to stay at 100%, and my quality score to stay the same.

What Happened Instead

My maintenance score, like most packages with recently published versions, dropped to 33% for some odd reason. My quality score lowered to 64%, most likely because the analyzer doesn’t support GitHub Actions yet (for some reason it doesn’t show up in repo statuses).

Reproduction Steps

See my repo. If you have a repo with CI and recent enough commits, you would expect decent maintenance and quality scores. The quality score isn’t really a bug, just a missing feature. If you publish a package, even with recent enough commits, you get a maintenance score of 33% for some reason. Even well-maintained packages like React have maintenance scores of 33% right now.


The main problem here is maintenance scores randomly dropping to 33%. The problem with the analyzer not supporting GitHub Actions is hard to address, because the project hasn’t been committed to in 5 months and a PR hasn’t been accepted in 7 months.

Does anybody have an idea about how I can help with this at all?

Platform Info

Not relevant.

Possibly related: Package statistics don't make any sense after publishing update (react @ 33% maintenance)

Yeah, seems related. I think NPM should either fork’s analyzer and fix it or just create something similar to it on their own. If I made my own search ranking tool, how likely do you think it would be for NPM to use it?
EDIT: @shadowspawn

I speak for myself, I don’t speak for npm.

If I made my own search ranking tool, how likely do you think it would be for NPM to use it?

I think it unlikely unless it used some respected sources and metrics, and/or followed a ranking algorithm approved by npm. Rankings are somewhat subjective and my guess is npm is unlikely to pick up a new and unproven ranking system.

It’s not actually a problem with The problem is in the npm couchdb registry they are replicating from. More info about it in this issue

Npm has been silent about it

Ah, interesting. I guess we’ll just have to wait it out then, huh?

To be honest those stats never worked well. If you have repo somewhere not on github, package stats will be around zero. If analyzer will not access some badge info due to it’s own connectivity issues, the rank will be also zero.

Also analyzer wasn’t updated for ages. So that npm’s scores feature is total mess. And similar issues were reported couple of years ago, so, @jasonhaxstuff, we could wait for another decade until this will be fixed :).

Related scores (quality, popularity, maintenance) seems to be wrong