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Package publish is broken – version taken, but not visible?

SOLVED: Npm support helped me track down the problem. Turns out that a script had changed my registry URL to something other than the official NPM registry.

Trying to publish a package

npm publish succeeds, but it isn’t visible on the registry – shows a Not Found result. Trying to run npm publish again errors, saying it cannot publish over an existing version.

From the shell, npm info batching-toposort version prints 1.0.3 as expected. However, npm info batching-toposort prints npm ERR! Cannot read property '1.0.3' of undefined.

I thought the registry might just be lagging a bit, but I published this last night, and it has now been about 16 hours or so with no change.

Any suggestions?

I don’t think this is likely to be the explanation, so stay tuned for more informed replies.

I wondered if it might be a problem with your package.json. The only thing I noticed is you have homepage specified with a slightly broken looking URL with an anchor that does not exist on that page:

    "homepage": "",

@shadowspawn actually that URL is fine and the anchor does exist on that page – try visiting it, it jumps down the README as expected (note that anchor URLs work for DOM elements with ids, not only a tags). Thanks for replying though. :slight_smile:

Oh, it does jump down to the README, I missed that and thanks for explanation. Apologies. (I am used to using the anchors generated by the markdown itself, and not familiar with the other targets.)