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Package name too similar to existing packages; try renaming your package

I just tried publishing a new module gulp-add-json, received an error about similar existing package on final publish. Is there any work-around for this? I used npm info gulp-add-json before starting the project thinking this verified the name was available. Unfortunately gulp-addjson does exists, appears to be unmaintained (only releases are from 2015).

Is there any process to bypass this error? I don’t want to put this module in a scope and I’m not concerned about people accidentally using the other module.

There’s no way to “bypass” the error since the new package name rules changed. However, you can address this head-on by disputing the package name.

Probably not the case right now, but the developers of the other module could be concerned about people using yours instead of theirs.

If I were to convince the author of gulp-addjson to turn over ownership of that package name to me, would I then be able to somehow publish gulp-add-json? Or would I be stuck without the second dash?

Good point, I’m not sure. I think that would be something for npm support (i.e., not the community forum) to figure out, after you’ve contacted the author.

Somewhat related feature request / bug report: we need a way to perform npm is-available <pkg-name>. Before creating a repository with README’s / CI integration and then having npm publish fail. Rather than going through the dispute process I’m thinking of just renaming my package to gulp-add-json-file, though I’m still just hoping that this is actually available. I’m not seeing any close names with npm search gulp-add-json-file but I’m not sure if that’s reliable. I tried using npm-name-cli but it does not seem to report when a name is unavailable due to similar names.

There’s this post for that feature request: