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package-lock.json and optional packages

Hi, this is a cross-post from since the issue in question does not seem to have made its way here yet.

The issue is:

To summarize, the way package-locking handles optional dependencies results in inconsistencies in the lock-file across different platforms, which adds unexpected churn and results in some dependencies not being locked if the lock-file was generated on the “wrong” platform.

Sorry for not following the reporting template, but everything is kind of already said in the original issue.

I would appreciate it if you did follow the reporting template. If that doesn’t get fixed, I’ll probably move this to #support, since the template is important for helping us sort through bugs quickly and we don’t really have time to respond to every #support issue ourselves (but the community does!)

@zkat this isn’t a #support ticket. It’s a genuine bug

There’s a reason the template is there. I’ll move this back when it follows the format.

@zkat I’ve filled in the changes here: package-lock.json keeps changing between platforms and runs