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What I Wanted to Do

as a user with multiple organizations, I want to see all organizations under my profile settings, and listed under my public profile.

What Happened Instead

Reproduction Steps

Un-Authenticated (anonymous)


P.S. I promise I’m not a name squatter! :slight_smile:



Platform Info


this is almost a feature request in disguise, but I’ll let it pass this time ;)

interesting! :slight_smile: I assume you’re referring to the public profile org list?

I’m comparing to the previous UI experience (from memory) and considered this to be a breaking change (again from memory) :blush: but of course, I could be wrong here.

that said, the max of 10 within profile settings, is certainly a bug, right? I can’t seem to find any other mechanism to list all my orgs within profile settings

Yeah that’s why I said almost. I think the concerns are valid (and I’ve left this in #bugs). I think the takeaway is to be more focused about the nice-to-haves vs the bugs.

great, thank you! :+1: