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Organizational Package view on Website is off by 1

What I Wanted to Do

On website, view all the packages in my organization.

What Happened Instead

Shows all but 1 of the packages in my organization. The count listed says I have 5 packages (which is true), but only shows 4 packages. There are no pagination controls, so I assume its not just hidden in another page.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Login to
  2. Go to your organization package view: for example.
  3. Manually count the number of packages and compare with the number shown.

Platform Info

Browser: Firefox v62.0.3 (64bit)
(But also does same thing in Chrome)

Well, I just published a new version of the package that wasn’t showing up and now it is showing up… So it’s maybe fixed? :man_shrugging:

But while I’m here… the list of packages on the screen should have some sort order, but they do not seem to be ordered alphabetically or by version number or by date last published.