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Optional tags can only be applied by staff

I see this “optional tags” field, so I tried to use it. I can select a tag…

…but when I attempt to create the topic (at least in the “ideas” category), the site informs me that only staff can select the docs tag. I then have to remove the tag before I can succeed in posting.

I’m unsure whether other tags (e.g., not docs) are allowed, or only staff can apply any tag.

If only staff can assign tags, maybe there’s a flag to disable this field for non-staff in Discourse somewhere?


This is intentional :slight_smile:

Which? I think I’m missing something.

Hmmm :thinking:

We already use some hidden tags (for example, anything marked as triaged has an additional triage:high/medium/low tag that’s not visible to users. I just would rather not have users putting in these tags themselves.

Definitely agree (we see what happens with categories sometimes :smile: ), but why are they still showing up as an option?

Because Discourse. I guess the tags plugin shows them in the dropdown as long as it’s visible to users, even if they can’t apply them. I’ve had similar issues even with admin perms, where I misconfigure tags to not be allowed in certain categories, but they show up anyway. It’s confusing.

OK, yeah–that’s what I was getting at. Was hoping it could just be disabled for non-staff users. Seems like a good first PR to Discourse. :smile: