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Opt-out email notifications for published packages

Currently there is no way to opt-out email notifications for published packages. That’s ok for simple projects, where we can just go and delete it, but imagine a monorepo:

Also in:

@heldr thank you for bringing this up!

Currently, our plans to add opt-out settings for emails is on our radar. We intend to fix this at some point in the future. However we currently have some urgent things to work on. We will keep you updated via this ticket of any changes.

In the meantime, I recommend using your mail filtering settings.

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It has been over half a year since this was reported, and almost a year since it was raised on the old issue tracker:

I understand the NPM team has a lot to do, but would it be possible to get an approximate timeline for this being done? I am sure it would mean savings for NPM as well due to reduced outbound email traffic.

Alternatively, it would be nice if these notifications were sent from a dedicated email that we can simply block.

You are doing a great job, but users honestly should not have to create email filters to avoid being spammed by unsolicited email reports. I cannot think of a single major service provider that does not allow users to disable email notifications - NPM should keep the same standards.

It’s been another 6 months, just wondering if you guys still have this on your radar? Most people I know who publish packages frequently have npms emails filtered to spam or blocked completely because of this, but if you guys ever need to send out something important from the seller address I worry we won’t see it.

It’s extra spicy when I publish a new version of Lerna itself, 50+ emails at a time. I’ve gotten really good at the “select multiple emails + delete” gestures in

MeToo :yawning_face: