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OpenSearch functionality for

Many websites support the OpenSearch standard, i.e. if searched once in the website, next time you can search again directly from Chrome address bar (by typing URL and pressing tab). For example, search once in Wikipedia, next time just type ‘’ or maybe only ‘en’, then tab, and you can search and get to the related page directly.

This is very convenient, but sadly does not seem to support it. Please consider adding this. Thanks.

+1 :

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In the interim, there’s a search plugin available on Mycroft:

What’s the status of this?

It seems that this was once added back in May (at least my Chrome somehow saved it and it’s still working, but not on any new installation).

And around the same time, a bug with searching also happened. I don’t know if they are related, but OpenSearch could’ve been rolled back as a result?

If you use npm search very often, you can add it manually in Chrome settings.

It was very useful for open search purpose - regards - ghd sports