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To discuss usage of npm, visit the GitHub Support Community. error request

What I Wanted to Do

Go to

What Happened Instead

It displayed

{"message":"The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided. Check your key and signing method.","code":"SignatureDoesNotMatch","region":null,"time":"2018-10-31T02:49:02.445Z","requestId":"427355A24295D854","extendedRequestId":"7gWVgRTNEsL28VtWcS/EynLrTPN82VC+r/zeeXuv9IZMdkQioNyso2iVA8/QHh6ML52E1Yavnyg=","statusCode":403,"retryable":false,"retryDelay":46.57042097101582}

Reproduction Steps

Go to


Don’t think they’re relevant since it’s a website issue, it was working fine before just now

Platform Info

Don’t think this is relevant

Seems to happen for all packages. Bad push, guys?

This was related to and has now been resolved.