error request


(Ben Gubler) #1

What I Wanted to Do

Go to

What Happened Instead

It displayed

{"message":"The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided. Check your key and signing method.","code":"SignatureDoesNotMatch","region":null,"time":"2018-10-31T02:49:02.445Z","requestId":"427355A24295D854","extendedRequestId":"7gWVgRTNEsL28VtWcS/EynLrTPN82VC+r/zeeXuv9IZMdkQioNyso2iVA8/QHh6ML52E1Yavnyg=","statusCode":403,"retryable":false,"retryDelay":46.57042097101582}

Reproduction Steps

Go to


Don’t think they’re relevant since it’s a website issue, it was working fine before just now

Platform Info

Don’t think this is relevant

(Tomas Brambora) #2

Seems to happen for all packages. Bad push, guys?

(Kat Marchán) #3

This was related to and has now been resolved.