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npm website search quality and maintenance rank has wrong values

npm quality and maintenance rank has wrong values if package has repo not on github.

What I Wanted to Do

Packages hosted on github and other SCM providers (e.g. gitlab, bitbucket, etc.) have the same rating

What Happened Instead

Packages hosted on github are given higher scores

Reproduction Steps

Create package with repo on
Setup mirroring to github to compare ratings
Publish both packages to npm
Compare package rank


Package rankings are based on analyzer. However that project looks like abandoned and not well maintained. As a result it provides incorrect ratings and gives user false results regarding package quality.

Just to make it more clear and show the difference on real package here are some screenshots.

Before (gitlab):
After (github):

So the difference is huge, however packages are identical.

There’s a similar issue report in their repo:

Are there any plans to support Gitlab or Bitbucket? Now packages hosted on these sites will receive less score by default because of parser, not because of their actual quality.

Yeah. That report is mine. And btw it was created some time before npm decided to use their analyzer to calculate package ranks.