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npm website footer links to GitHub issues, not the bugs topic in npm dot community

What I Wanted to Do

Report a bug. I clicked the “website issues” link in the footer. I was taken to GitHub and expected to be able to open an issue.

What Happened Instead

I was taken to GitHub where I was told by a banner that the repository was archived and issues could not be created. I had to go to the repo homepage to discover that this is now the place to post issues.

Reproduction Steps

Go to any page on and scroll to the bottom, click the “website issues” link.


That’s really all there is to it

Platform Info

Not really applicable folks

Ahh, yes, we’re still missing a few bits. On top of that link, this also applies to:

It might be nice to merge the “CLI Issues” and “Website Issues” footers (along with the links in the support page) with just a link to

Update: I’ve submitted a PR fixing these to our internal website team. It should be live once it’s merged+deployed. Thanks for pointing these out! lmk if you find any others. There’s so many stragglers.

Another update: It’s been deployed! The links have been updated on both pages now.