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npm stats api showing 0 downloads since Sept 26th 2018

What I Wanted to Do

Get download stats for packages

What Happened Instead

All packages showed 0 downloads since September 25th

Reproduction Steps

API call

curl -X GET

Platform Info

$ npm --versions
$ node -p process.platform

This issue has been resolved now:

This issue seems to have returned. Here’s what the API shows for react

    "start": "2018-10-30",
    "end": "2018-11-09",
    "package": "react",
    "downloads": [
        {"downloads": 716778, "day": "2018-10-30"},
        {"downloads": 0, "day": "2018-10-31"},
        {"downloads": 575671, "day": "2018-11-01"},
        {"downloads": 587275, "day": "2018-11-02"},
        {"downloads": 0, "day": "2018-11-03"},
        {"downloads": 160311, "day": "2018-11-04"},
        {"downloads": 0, "day": "2018-11-05"},
        {"downloads": 0, "day": "2018-11-06"},
        {"downloads": 0, "day": "2018-11-07"},
        {"downloads": 0, "day": "2018-11-08"},
        {"downloads": 0, "day": "2018-11-09"}

There are multiple occurrences of that happening in the past few months…

There’s no incident reported of this today, but there was a different incident yesterday.

Hmm… and still getting zeros.

If that’s an incident (I guess so anyway), then it should get reported too, right? Anything I can do to report it?
At least the status page has been updated