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npm semver calculator bug?

Hello all,

I am mostly posting this as a question and possible bug in the the npm semver calculator ( It seems that the resolver for prerelease tags is wrong.

The npm semver docs say here

For example, the range >1.2.3-alpha.3 would be allowed to match the version 1.2.3-alpha.7 , but it would not be satisfied by 3.4.5-alpha.9 , even though 3.4.5-alpha.9 is technically “greater than” 1.2.3-alpha.3 according to the SemVer sort rules. The version range only accepts prerelease tags on the 1.2.3 version.

But when you enter the version >1.0.0-rc.1 in the calculator it disregards this and pull all version with or without prerelease tags.

Is this accurate?


Do you have a specific package where this is happening? The calculator seems to only highlight the right versions when trying it on the npm or vue package.

Were you expecting it to only match prerelease versions, and not higher release versions? I find the wording a little subtle, but there is a specific example in the paragraph you quoted which makes it clear:

For example, the range >1.2.3-alpha.3
The version 3.4.5 would satisfy the range, because it does not have a prerelease flag, and 3.4.5 is greater than 1.2.3-alpha.7 .

@shadowspawn & @larsgw Thanks for the reply. I must have misunderstood the npm docs for prerelease tags.

After reading the docs closer the calculator is working correctly. I just found it strange that the version ^1.0.0-alpha.* would match to 1.0.0-beta.* just because "b" > "a" but I guess that makes sense.

Thanks for the reply, sorry about the trouble.