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NPM search serving up broken JSON for certain packages

What I Wanted to Do

I searched for and attempted to click on its name in order to view its page on

What Happened Instead

The search page displayed a red flash with the text “error loading page”. Viewing the console, it appears it failed to parse JSON when attempting to load a record from

Reproduction Steps

  1. Visit
  2. Attempt to click on An “error loading page” flash will appear.


Checking the network logs, I can see that the data it attempted to retrieve was JSON with this content:

That data is invalid; the “readme” section’s data key consists of text that is not inside a string. Here’s the relevant part of the JSON:

"readme":{"data":The request failed while talking to the backend.,"ref":"readme"}

EDIT: I just noticed - if you navigate directly to the page, it displays, but the readme text is “The request failed while talking to the backend.”