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npm search doesn’t return packages with a “.” in their name

What I Wanted to Do

Find the entry for a package called qr.js on the npm web site

What Happened Instead

Results for several unrelated packages are returned instead

Reproduction Steps

  1. Point an internet web browser at
  2. Type qr.js in the “search packages” box at the top, and wait for suggestions to load
  3. Observe that qr.js is not in the list
  4. Press return and wait for the full search result page to load
  5. Observe that qr.js is not in the list
  6. Observe that the results returned on the full search result page are different from the suggestions

You can also try the above steps with the search term qrcode.react. It behaves the same.

Notably, both of these packages are indeed in the registry:, aych tee tee pee ess colon slash slash en pee em jae ess dot com/package/qr.js (apparently I can’t post more than two links? cool)


I know there are several other search-related issues here, and that there’s an ongoing incident, but this issue seems to be different from those reported that I can see, so I feel like it’s worth making a note of.

Platform Info

This section seems irrelevant, but I’m on macOS 10.13 running Safari. It exhibits the same behaviour in Chrome and Firefox too.

We have an ongoing incident related to search. There’s some bugfixing happening, along with a rebuilding of the search index. You’ll note there’s a number of other issues in #bugs related to this right now.

Please subscribe to the incident to get notified of when it’s been resolved, and ping me here again if you still see this issue after the incident is over. In the meantime, we recommend using, which uses the same underlying system, but is currently up and running fine.

The incident has been resolved, so this works again. Cheers!