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npm registry `dist.unpackedSize`

Are there official docs on the dist.unpackedSize property in the registry?
I’m curious when this got introduced and if there are plans to backfill existing entries?
For example, only a couple of versions of copee show this property.

It’s only recently been added, and it was done pretty casually.

We talked about back filling it, but we decided it’s better to wait for Install size information logging

The intention is to, eventuality, start using do-you-even-lift or something like it and run that across the whole registry. That would give us a ton of useful info but it needs registry engineering time. You could also just write a service and a third-party CLI to make this info visible, until that’s put in place.

Does it require a certain version of npm cli during publish or is this something that was added to the server-side logic?

Some context: I added a PR to this npm graph visualization but many packages are missing this info so I’m curious if this problem will go away once backfilled or if I should avoid the registry and link directly to package phobia.

This was added server-side. I don’t know if they’re doing any special logic around which clients it’s done for, but I imagine not. It’s just that we only started this recently.