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npm publish doesn't work

What I Wanted to Do

npm publish

What Happened Instead

The publish command succeed, but when i install it, it doesn’t get the version latest.
The package is

Platform Info

$ npm --versions
{ npm: '5.5.1',
  ares: '1.10.1-DEV',
  cldr: '31.0.1',
  http_parser: '2.7.0',
  icu: '59.1',
  modules: '57',
  nghttp2: '1.25.0',
  node: '8.9.0',
  openssl: '1.0.2l',
  tz: '2017b',
  unicode: '9.0',
  uv: '1.15.0',
  v8: '6.1.534.46',
  zlib: '1.2.11' }
$ node -p process.platform

Upgrade to v6.3.0 doesn’t resolve this problem, and this is the output:

npm notice
npm notice 📦  turen@1.6.7
npm notice === Tarball Contents ===
npm notice 551B  package.json
npm notice 267B  CMakeLists.txt
npm notice 3.8kB
npm notice 739B  example/restart-turen.js
npm notice 1.8kB lib/client/audio.js
npm notice 1.5kB lib/client/cmd.js
npm notice 2.4kB lib/client/event.js
npm notice 764B  lib/client/logger.js
npm notice 3.7kB lib/client/rpc.js
npm notice 1.8kB lib/connector/base.js
npm notice 610B  lib/connector/socket.js
npm notice 476B  lib/events.json
npm notice 2.6kB lib/request.js
npm notice 2.0kB lib/response.js
npm notice 6.0kB lib/speech.js
npm notice 546B  lib/turen.js
npm notice 58B   test/
npm notice 1.5kB test/test-connector-base.js
npm notice === Tarball Details ===
npm notice name:          turen
npm notice version:       1.6.7
npm notice package size:  8.5 kB
npm notice unpacked size: 31.0 kB
npm notice shasum:        a3ede3431be501077344e19625c02e1fda84bcd3
npm notice integrity:     sha512-Y80j1WX/7Busm[...]0XLklzfve74SQ==
npm notice total files:   18
npm notice
+ turen@1.6.7

But the package homepage still shows the latest version is 1.6.4 :(

The registry website is cached, so it may take some time before the site is updated with your published version. I currently see 1.6.7 as the latest version on the website, so the cache has cleared and the publish appears successful.

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