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"npm prune --production" removes second-level git dependencies

What I Wanted to Do

I’ve created test repo
Dependencies graph: npm-bug -> npm-bug-repo1 -> npm-bug-repo2
npm must install npm-bug-repo1 and npm-bug-repo2 to node_modules

What Happened Instead

npm prune --production remove npm-bug-repo2 from node_modules

Reproduction Steps

  1. git clone
  2. cd npm-bug
  3. npm ci. At this point node_modules contains 2 dirs: npm-bug-repo1 and npm-bug-repo2
  4. npm prune --production. This command removes npm-bug-repo2 (second-level dependency) from node_mobules

As the result npm-bug-repo1 becomes unusable cause of missed dependency.


Double run npm prune --production restores npm-bug-repo2 to node_modules

Platform Info

$ npm --versions
{ npm: '6.5.0',
  ares: '1.15.0',
  cldr: '34.0',
  http_parser: '2.8.0',
  icu: '63.1',
  modules: '64',
  napi: '3',
  nghttp2: '1.34.0',
  node: '10.14.2',
  openssl: '1.1.0j',
  tz: '2018e',
  unicode: '11.0',
  uv: '1.23.2',
  v8: '',
  zlib: '1.2.11' }

$ node -p process.platform

$ node --version

I’ve tried npm@6.7.0 and all works as expected.

Seems that this is fixed in v6.6.0 or v6.7.0