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NPM package publishing.

I have an npm package and I work on it little by little whenever people report an issue. It’s also available on where I push all the latest changes. My question is, do I need to update the version and publish my package after everytime I update something or can I just push to GitHub and people will get the latest changes from GitHub?
I am asking this because the changes I usually make are very minor.

If people install using the GitHub URL they will get the code from GitHub, if people install using the package name they will get the published version.

So that the version number tells the whole story about what version is running, you may wish to bump the version number every time you commit on master, whether or not you publish. You might use prerelease version numbers for those releases if you don’t consider them full released versions.

So that the GitHub master branch and published version stay in sync for my packages, I usually work on the develop branch. Then I feel comfortable being be a bit less strict and only bump the version number when I do a release, when I both merge to master and publish, so the GitHub version and published version stay in sync.

I see.
Thank you very much. I really appreciate this info.