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`npm outdated` does not suggest latest tag for git URLs

I npm install a lot of git URLs, using semver to specify tolerable versions. However from what I see, it looks like npm outdated/npm update will treat git URLs as always outdated.

CocoaPods, a popular dependency manager for iOS, compares the latest tag on the remote repo with the user’s installed tag, and suggests a newer tag if available when pod outdated is run.

I wanted to ask if you could please add this functionality to NPM as well, since managing outdated git URLs in the current state is quite cumbersome. Especially when using semver, it can be assumed that the repo tags all of its releases, and I’d at least like to know that a remote git repo released a tag that is different than the one I have installed.

A simple implementation of this would to perform the lightweight git ls-remote --tags command to fetch the latest tags-to-sha1 on remote. Here’s some more information about this command:

Please let me know if what I’m trying to accomplish is already possible somehow, or if your team will add this feature to NPM.

Thank you