Npm local package dependency

In moudle-A I wanted to use local package called module-B.
A/package.json content:
"dependencies": {
"module-B": "file:../module-B-direcotry"

B/package.json content:
"name": "something-else"

Actual behavior:
npm install command should create symbolic link in node_modules of package A. It not created symbolic link to B (and I have not complains about it) because module B have different name in package.json of B:

  • name of B in B/package-json: “something-else”.
  • dependency name of B in A/package-json: “module-B”.

Expected behavior:
I expect error during npm install (or at least warning) if local package name do not match it’s expected name and symbolic link is not created.

npm version 6.8.0
platform win32