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npm install with @my-tag does not give me the latest for that dist-tag

The version reported by npm view <lib> dist-tags.<tag-name>
and the version I get from npm install <lib>@<tag-name> are not the same.

For instance:

$ npm view @atomist/sdm-core dist-tags.branch-nortissej-extract-node-pack


$ npm i --save-dev @atomist/sdm-core@branch-nortissej-extract-node-pack

+ @atomist/sdm-core@0.3.2-nortissej.extract-node-pack.20180723204404

npm install gave me an older version of the dist-tag.
This happens frequently when I’m updating the dist-tag with each build. It has been 25 minutes since the dist-tag was updated.

:thinking: I’ll take a look in the morning and see wtf is going on. Off the top of my head, this does seem weird.