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npm install: Use master branch from monolithic repository (e.g. selenium-webdriver)

I tried npm install github:SeleniumHQ/selenium which lead to the message npm ERR! Can't install github:SeleniumHQ/selenium#8d1cc166c29333d0d5e4dbe55f850b0d540a5302: Missing package name.

It seems to be caused by the fact, that selenium-webdriver is a monolithic repository and npm install is unable to install code from a subdirectory of a git repository. (Source: "missing package name" error when installing from GitHub)

What is the correct way to install selenium-webdriver from the git repository master branch

I know that I might use git clone manually and do some copy-paste stuff, but I hope there is a better way.

I do not think there is support for installing directly from a subfolder of a git (mono) repo.

(It has been asked for over the years.)

I checked out the repository into a seperate folder and use beyond compare to keep it in sync with the folder created by npm.

It feels like a poor mans solution, but it works.