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Hi there, apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this.

When installing a node module locally, either with npm install module or npm install --global-style module I find it very convenient that ./node_modules/.bin is created with symlinks to all of the relevant executable files that ship with the module(s) installed. I think it would be great if manpages shipped this way as well, to something like ./node_modules/.man.

Much in the same way that you can do PATH=$PATH:/some/path/node_modules/.bin for executables, it would be great if you could do MANPATH=$MANPATH:/some/path/node_modules/.man, and then be able to view the man pages for the modules without having to install them on the system with escalated privleges.

I envision something like:

./node_modules/.man/man1/program.1 as a symlink

and then I could call man program with the proper MANPATH set and view the documentation.

Does something like this already exist? Am I missing something? I started looking through the source a bit but there are so many small modules pulled in I found it very difficult to actually find the part of the npm cli where files are symlinked.


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