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npm install firebase error

Following npm error occurred while installing firebase in a React native project:

npm ERR! Unexpected end of JSON input while parsing near '...QJE/lmJ9+1uAb8A92m7xO'

Unable to proceed, everytime installation finishes with this error.

Can anyone help me understand and resolve this issue?


Can you attach the log file?

Here is the log file.

2019-08-18T03_27_39_172Z-debug.log (82.1 KB)

I was able to install both @firebase/functions-types@0.3.8 and @firebase/messaging-types@0.3.2 without problems (the two packages with errors in the logs).

Is the problem still happening? (I am wondering if it was a bad network connection and a corrupt transfer.)

Yes. The error still persists. No internet connection issue.

I write this command in VS code terminal: npm install firebase.

Is there any issues with this command, or something else…???

I am able run npm install firebase without getting those errors (on macOS).

I am not sure whether a bad cache could cause this, but easy to run a verify:

npm cache verify

And although in theory not needed these days, easy to clear too if you want to eliminate cache corruption as a possibility!

npm cache clean --force