NPM install deletes packages/native Angular modules

(Amit Barlev) #1

Hey guys,So I’m new to Angular and NPM, and I have this SUPER annoying problem which I install jQuery and it deletes 982 packages out of no where. I’ve googled the problem and found out that it happened a lot before version 5.7.0 but I’m using version 6.3.0 (as far as I know, it’s the newest version yet).

I’m losing faith, Ever since I started my project it’s a non-stop highway of errors and problems and I have no idea why. Anyone has idea? anything?

(Lars Willighagen) #2

It seems that npm install removes any packages that aren’t saved in the package.json. Saving packages is the default behavior on recent versions of npm. Did you install any dependencies with --no-save?

(system) #3

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