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npm install crushing down

I re-installed nodejs, npm , but the npm install cmd is always shutting down. error still showing. All I got is this:

npm ERR! cb() never called!

npm ERR! This is an error with npm itself. Please report this error at:
npm ERR! https://npm.community2019-08-09T10_03_20_771Z-debug.log (875,9 KB)

No answers, just questions.

Are you able to share the package.json so I can try reproducing? (That looks like a BIG install!)

What version of npm are you using? Worth trying the latest version if you have not already.
npm install -g npm@latest

I am not sure this is related to the problem, but I am intrigued that a package is being downloaded multiple times.

23765 http fetch GET 200 144491ms
23766 http fetch GET 200 144841ms
23767 http fetch GET 200 145129ms
23768 http fetch GET 200 144840ms
23769 http fetch GET 200 145201ms
23770 http fetch GET 200 145251ms
23771 http fetch GET 200 145528ms
23772 http fetch GET 200 146895ms

Similar looking log in: cb<> never called
Ran for similar length of time, and no obvious errors.

here is my package-json. for the background story: I’m currently trying to run a test project with a given backend bundle (django, angular). Since I’m a newby and just wanna test some more to fresh up my knowledge. Happy if you can help me out!!

package.json (3,5 KB)

I was unable to reproduce the problem. Installed ok for me running npm 6.10.2 on Mac. My node_modules folder had 881M after the install.

added 1800 packages from 1251 contributors and audited 21637 packages in 85.625s

I don’t have any suggestions, hopefully someone else has an idea.

I’m using 6.9.0 on windows. currently. installation of latest version of npm in -g is working. But as soon as I’m in such project folder (cd frontend, where package.json is located). my installation of npm is crushing down, and all I got is this erorr. (latest version of npm is installed here aswell )

2019-08-12T07_56_22_177Z-debug.log (693,5 KB)