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npm install code ENOPACKAGEJSON due to dependent repo

node version: 8.14 (need this specific version for my production environment)
npm version: 6.4.1

Full error message:

npm ERR! package.json Non-registry package missing package.json: <dependency repo>@<company's Gitlab address>/<dependency repo>.git.
npm ERR! package.json npm can't find a package.json file in your current directory.

What I’m trying to do: npm install dependencies for the main project, but for some reason a dependency (another repo hosted on the company’s Gitlab) keeps saying that the dependency is missing a package.json even though there is a package.json on the root level of said repo. The weird part is, I can git clone said dependency using the included path in the main project’s repo separately.

What I’ve tried:
sudo npm install just in case - doesn’t work
change protocol from https to ssh - doesn’t work
delete ~/.ssh/known_hosts to generate a new ssh key upon npm install - doesn’t work

Is it possible for me to clone then manually put the repo’s content into the node_modules file, along with manually creating its .bin?

You can npm install a folder, so you can certainly clone the repo yourself and use it for an install. It would be interesting to try even if not the work-around you end up with, in case it reveals some problem with the package.json.

@shadowspawn Thank you for your suggestion.

I did tried various other solutions, and one did managed to fix it: According to this link, I created an access token for my company’s Gitlab account, then changed my package.json line for that dependency to be git+https with the token appended, and npm install went through without a hitch.

According to my colleague who used macOS, they’d get a prompt to enter their credentials when connected to Gitlab. However, on my Ubuntu Budgie, that didn’t happen (or probably was trying to use my global config to authenticate).