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npm install always installing all dependencies when there is a local dependency - npm v6.9.0


I’ve upgraded an npm project recently and npm install seems to be taking longer than before.

current behaviour:
npm install seems to reinstall all dependencies everytime (even when they are all there as I just did an npm install)

previous behaviour:
npm install only installs dependencies that aren’t there

If I downgrade it behaves as expected.

Has anyone else come across this or have any ideas on something that could cause this?

We have a local dependency in our package json (file:./some-folder). If I remove that it seems to not reinstall all the modules.

current node version: 10.16.2
current npm version 6.9.0

previous npm version: 10.7.0
current npm version: 6.1.0
EDIT - raised bug here: NPM install local depedencies - reinstalling dependencies - 6.9.0