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NPM hangs forever after upgrade using node-v10.16.3-x64.msi


I was wondering if someone could help.
I upgrade to node-v10.16.3-x64.msi on windows 10, npm just hangs. I uninstalled, poked around appdata and deleted the npm directory and cache directory. I reinstalled cleanly, however npm still hangs forever.

  1. I can see node starting.
  2. The %TEMP% directory is correct with no additional directories
  3. I have not run npm config, npm just hangs
  4. Haven’t run npm cache clean for the same reason as above, npm hangs

Oddly, I don’t see a cache directory in appdata and appdata/npm is empty

Can some one please help ?

My bad from too little sleep…

I missed deleting my local npmrc (sigh).

It still doesn’t answer the question why the upgrade choked.