NPM ERR! error cb() never called!

During NPM install in a Jenkins stage it fails with the below error.
NPM ERR! error cb() never called!
I’m using updated node & npm versions.
npm 6.9.0
node 10.16.3

The issue appears intermittent. However, once it occurs in a day it fails the next 4 to 5 or max builds in the sequence. It fails in both cases, even when a proxy is set in npmrc or when the same is removed.

We tried the below possible suggestions to get rid of the error but no luck.

  • Tried updating npm to latest version. Works fine for sometime and fails again with the same error.
  • Used a custom image with latest version of node & npm.
  • Used an official image as suggested.
  • Using a stable proxy and removal of the same.
  • Clearing npm cache & building it.

Have attached the log file for reference.

npm-debug.log (410.8 KB)

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