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npm ERR! cb() never called!....

npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in:
npm ERR! /home/vcap/.npm/_logs/2019-04-29T08_52_51_220Z-debug.log

The “npm ERR! cb() never called!” is a generic failure and not the underlying error. To help you we need to know more about what went wrong, and in particular what the “other” error was.

Posting the log is an easy way to include bot what command you were running, and hopefully included in there are some error messages someone can make sense of for you.

2019-04-29T11:52:13.47+0300 [STG/0] OUT Downloaded build artifacts cache (18.6M)
2019-04-29T11:52:16.86+0300 [STG/0] OUT -----> IBM SDK for Node.js Buildpack v3.26-20190313-1440
2019-04-29T11:52:16.87+0300 [STG/0] OUT Based on Cloud Foundry Node.js Buildpack v1.5.24
2019-04-29T11:52:16.89+0300 [STG/0] OUT -----> Creating runtime environment
2019-04-29T11:52:16.90+0300 [STG/0] OUT
2019-04-29T11:52:16.91+0300 [STG/0] OUT NPM_CONFIG_LOGLEVEL=error
2019-04-29T11:52:16.91+0300 [STG/0] OUT NPM_CONFIG_PRODUCTION=true
2019-04-29T11:52:16.93+0300 [STG/0] OUT NODE_ENV=production
2019-04-29T11:52:16.93+0300 [STG/0] OUT NODE_MODULES_CACHE=true
2019-04-29T11:52:16.93+0300 [STG/0] OUT -----> Installing binaries
2019-04-29T11:52:16.96+0300 [STG/0] OUT engines.node (package.json): 8.x
2019-04-29T11:52:16.96+0300 [STG/0] OUT engines.npm (package.json): unspecified (use default)
2019-04-29T11:52:16.96+0300 [STG/0] OUT
2019-04-29T11:52:16.96+0300 [STG/0] OUT Resolving node version 8.x via ‘node-version-resolver’
2019-04-29T11:52:17.37+0300 [STG/0] OUT Downloading and installing node 8.15.1…
2019-04-29T11:52:21.01+0300 [STG/0] OUT Using default npm version: 6.4.1
2019-04-29T11:52:21.01+0300 [STG/0] OUT -----> Restoring cache
2019-04-29T11:52:21.35+0300 [STG/0] OUT Skipping cache restore (new runtime signature)
2019-04-29T11:52:21.35+0300 [STG/0] OUT -----> Checking and configuring service extensions before installing dependencies
2019-04-29T11:52:21.64+0300 [STG/0] OUT -----> Building dependencies
2019-04-29T11:52:21.64+0300 [STG/0] OUT Installing node modules (package.json)
2019-04-29T11:52:51.19+0300 [STG/0] OUT npm ERR! cb() never called!
2019-04-29T11:52:51.19+0300 [STG/0] OUT
2019-04-29T11:52:51.19+0300 [STG/0] OUT npm ERR! This is an error with npm itself. Please report this error at:
2019-04-29T11:52:51.19+0300 [STG/0] OUT npm ERR!
2019-04-29T11:52:51.35+0300 [STG/0] OUT
2019-04-29T11:52:51.35+0300 [STG/0] OUT npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in:
2019-04-29T11:52:51.35+0300 [STG/0] OUT npm ERR! /home/vcap/.npm/_logs/2019-04-29T08_52_51_220Z-debug.log
2019-04-29T11:52:51.41+0300 [STG/0] OUT -----> Build failed
2019-04-29T11:52:51.46+0300 [STG/0] OUT
2019-04-29T11:52:51.46+0300 [STG/0] OUT
2019-04-29T11:52:51.48+0300 [STG/0] ERR Failed to compile droplet: Failed to compile droplet: exit status 1
2019-04-29T11:52:51.59+0300 [STG/0] OUT Exit status 223
2019-04-29T11:52:52.00+0300 [STG/0] OUT Cell e95fc683-93b5-4e52-af04-4ca6268ee790 stopping instance f1009fd0-38be-4677-912e-8fa144c586f3
2019-04-29T11:52:52.00+0300 [STG/0] OUT Cell e95fc683-93b5-4e52-af04-4ca6268ee790 destroying container for instance f1009fd0-38be-4677-912e-8fa144c586f3
2019-04-29T11:52:57.07+0300 [STG/0] OUT Cell e95fc683-93b5-4e52-af04-4ca6268ee790 successfully destroyed container for instance f1009fd0-38be-4677-912e-8fa144c586f3