npm config viewer

The viewer config item (as set by npm config set viewer) advertises support for “browser” or a path, but neither seems to work properly for me. The paths don’t work at all and “browser” opens my default for HTML files rather than my default browser.

What command are you running that uses the viewer?


npm help <command>


npm help config

Black-box testing. Reproduced, to the extent on Mac I was not able to get npm config set viewer <path> to work either.

(“browser” did use web browser, but my web browser and html default are the same no extra info on what is meant there.)

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Thanks… As far as what I mean by “browser”… I would expect it on the Mac to use “System Preferences -> General -> Default web browser” but it instead uses whatever handles “html” files when going to a file with an “.html” extension on the desktop, selecting “Get Info”, changing the “Open with”, and selecting “Change All”.

(I prefer to have HTML files on my desktop to open in my IDE by default, whereas when I open a help document, I’d want it to open in my browser.)

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Thanks for clarification and scenario.

(My message was unclear, my “no extra info” was referring to my setup which meant I could not distinguish between the two cases, so not sure which one npm was using for me.)

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