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NPM CLI support for Windows 10 on ARM


My work to add Windows 10 on ARM support to Node.js is coming along. Per @iarna’s kind suggestion, I’m coming over here to point out some upcoming changes I’d like to see filter through to NPM proper fairly soon.

Happily, the NPM CLI is high enough in the software stack to mostly not care about what platform it’s running on–mostly.

Generally, node-gyp needs to be taught how to accept ARM64 as a valid platform on Windows and MSBuild will take care of the rest. This has already been merged into node-gyp master.

For the occasional native module with assembly in it, GYP needs to be taught how to emit ARM ASM tags in MSBuild VCXPROJ files. I’m hoping this will be merged soon.

Ideally I’d wait for the GYP change to land, then land that in node-gyp, then ask here for that to land in NPM, then ask to land that in Node.js. Since I’d really like to have this whole process done by about a month from now and the GYP change hasn’t been merged yet, I thought I’d start by talking about it sooner rather than later. :)

Sounds great! Don’t worry about the landing in node part, we have a process worked out between our organizations for handling that.

Juuust… one thing… it’s npm, never NPM. :grin:

Excellent! Once the GYP change lands in node.js and node-gyp, I’ll drop a note here so the usual npm (not NPM:) process can kick in.

I was very sad to hear about @iarna’s departure from npm. The last node-gyp change for full ARM64 support just landed:

What is the next step for getting this into npm and then into Node.js v12?

FYI @joaocgreis