npm broken after updating node

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I’m on Win7, x64.
I installed the latest node.js including npm.
npm -v => 6.5.0
node -v => v11.8.0

Now when i try to install (or uninstall) any package, global or local, i get the following:

I checked the PATH variables and the global npm folder in AppData, i have only one version of npm installed and referenced as far as i can see, only in the nodejs folder, no npm in the AppData.
I tried to uninstall node, clear npm and npm_cache from AppData, and installed Node again - same result.

Update: I tried Node 10.15 (incl npm 6.4.1), with the same result. Node 8.15 with npm 6.4.1 is working…

Any ideas?

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I found a very similar issue on github, no solutions or anything there also :frowning:

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