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npm audit: which type of fix to use

As result of npm audit I got:

# Run  npm install react-scripts@2.1.1  to resolve 1 vulnerability
SEMVER WARNING: Recommended action is a potentially breaking change

  High            Missing Origin Validation

  Package         webpack-dev-server

  Dependency of   react-scripts

  Path            react-scripts > webpack-dev-server

  More info

I am unsure should I do:

$ npm audit fix


$ npm audit fix --force

Can someone help explain which to use here?

If you want to install the update you should run

npm audit fix --force

or, if you only want to install that update

npm install react-scripts@2.1.1

Note: The update has some breaking changes (which is why npm needs --force):

OK, I did

$ npm audit fix --force

project compiled and started, so I guess it is ok.