npm 6.8.0 does not publish specific directory

I have a problem with npm 6.8.0 behaviour

Steps to reproduce:

  • create new package
  • add directories: lib, src/common/core
  • add files: lib/index.js, src/index.js, src/common/core/index.js
  • try to publish: npm publish --dry-run

Expected result

  • publish should list all three files that I’ve created

Actual result

  • publish does not list file src/common/core/index.js. In a real example it skips a whole directory src/common/core content.

I’m not sure why npm 6.8.0 behaves like so, but I’d greatly appreciate if it would explain it somehow or just stop doing so.

P.S. I’m running npm under Linux, 64bit, node 8.14.1.

Looks like it was already explained here: npm pack leaving out files (6.8.0 only).

So, let’s just wait until 6.9.0, then :slight_smile:

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Closing as duplicate :slight_smile: