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npm 5.6 ERR! cb() never called!

What I Wanted to Do

I attempted to run npm install in a directory.

What Happened Instead

I got this error:
npm ERR! cb() never called!

npm ERR! This is an error with npm itself. Please report this error at:
npm ERR!

Reproduction Steps


2931 http fetch GET 200 142ms

2932 silly extract boom@2.x.x extracted to /home/citylocs255/public_html/preview/productpreview/node-webshot/node_modules/.staging/boom-1d6$

2933 silly extract is-property@^1.0.2 extracted to /home/citylocs255/public_html/preview/productpreview/node-webshot/node_modules/.staging/$

2934 silly extract har-schema@2.0.0 extracted to /home/citylocs255/public_html/preview/productpreview/node-webshot/node_modules/.staging/ha$

2935 silly extract mocha@5.2.0 extracted to /home/citylocs255/public_html/preview/productpreview/node-webshot/node_modules/.staging/mocha-a$

2936 silly extract hoek@2.x.x extracted to /home/citylocs255/public_html/preview/productpreview/node-webshot/node_modules/.staging/hoek-7af$

2937 silly extract pkijs@1.3.33 extracted to /home/citylocs255/public_html/preview/productpreview/node-webshot/node_modules/.staging/pkijs-$

2938 silly extract json-schema@0.2.3 extracted to /home/citylocs255/public_html/preview/productpreview/node-webshot/node_modules/.staging/j$

2939 silly extract fs-extra@1.0.0 extracted to /home/citylocs255/public_html/preview/productpreview/node-webshot/node_modules/.staging/fs-e$

2940 silly extract nan@2.11.1 extracted to /home/citylocs255/public_html/preview/productpreview/node-webshot/node_modules/.staging/nan-ce39$

2941 http fetch GET 200 540ms

2942 silly extract node-forge@0.7.6 extracted to /home/citylocs255/public_html/preview/productpreview/node-webshot/node_modules/.staging/no$

2943 silly extract async@^2.0.1 extracted to /home/citylocs255/public_html/preview/productpreview/node-webshot/node_modules/.staging/async-$

2944 silly extract ajv@5.5.2 extracted to /home/citylocs255/public_html/preview/productpreview/node-webshot/node_modules/.staging/ajv-1c0da$

2945 silly extract lodash@^4.17.11 extracted to /home/citylocs255/public_html/preview/productpreview/node-webshot/node_modules/.staging/lod$

2946 timing npm Completed in 7324ms

2947 error cb() never called!

2948 error This is an error with npm itself. Please report this error at:

2949 error

Platform Info

$ npm --versions
$ node -p process.platform
node -v v8.12.0 running on linux

Hello again @impactcolor, thanks for info. The error reporting was improved in npm v6.6.0 and you are using v5.6.0, so if you can, it would be worth trying a newer version of npm in case either the problem is fixed or you get a more informative error message.