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node:dubnium-slim cb() never called

I’m trying to update our infrastructure from v8 to v10. As part of our CI we do a few simple setup tasks. Namely update to the latest NPM (e.g., npm i npm@latest -g) and then install our dependencies (e.g., npm ci).

Unfortunately, after switching our Docker image from node:carbon-slim to node:dubnium-slim we are getting a npm ERR! cb() never called! when running npm ci. In our CI environment this happens 100% of the time.

Our work around for the problem is just to switch over to node:dubnium because it works. Though I figured you might want to know. I’m not really sure what to do from here; I’ll provide what data I can. The log(s) from a run are attached.

2019-06-13T15_48_29_387Z-debug.log (299.8 KB)