Node CI npm Maven

My project uses CI.yml to build projects on the Pipeline. My project has node/npm/angular/Java. I am using Maven to build Java and NPM to take the build from Package.json. The project uses Jenkins as CI tool.

When I trigger the build in the pipeline, I am getting error on ng-build throwing Failed to execute the build org.codehaus:exec-maven plugin (npm-install) . I am using Maven-exec plugin as 1.60. This is a multi module project packaging done on war. The log says that I am running version 5 and it needs a minimum of Node 8. The other projects uses the same pipeline build and they were able to successfully execute the npm install and angular/ same POM.

For other projects Jenkins were able to pick the build automatically on Node 8. I tried specifying explicitly on CI and also on Package.json through engines parameters. But I am still getting the same error.

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