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no warning despite failed “engines” check

I went on quite a jouney today as I wanted to install the newest purescript version via npm.
I failed to update node for quite some time (was on some 8.x LTS still) and the node-purescript / some dependency author are using newer js features by now.

So my install failed with an error (in this case a catch { ... } block).

The solution was simple: get a newer node version - but it would have saved me a lot of time if I had gotten a warning about my node version being to old (there is a engines constraint in the node-purescript package.json).

A nice person made me aware of this issue: "engines" and "engines-strict" ignored and asked me open a new topic here - so I just did.

Maybe you could reconsider emitting a warning do help out low-knowledge/newer users - like me - who don’t realize that you can set the engines-strict flag (btw: how can I do this?).

Thank you.

You can set it using npm config globally and locally and in .npmrc in your project root on the same level of package.json.

There is a related topic: "engines" and "engines-strict" ignored