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No valid versions available for onesait-ds- Can't install dependency and package not found

What I Wanted to Do

I was trying to install a dependency

What Happened Instead

got the error No valid versions available for onesait-ds

Reproduction Steps

npm install onesait-ds didn’t work


I searched for the package on npm and this page is throwing a 404

Platform Info

$ npm --versions
<!-- paste output here -->
$ node -p process.platform
<!-- paste output here -->

The package has been unpublished June 22nd (source):

    "_id": "onesait-ds",
    "_rev": "9-e1efe065575e4a7e60705cfbb59aab91",
    "name": "onesait-ds",
    "time": {
        "created": "2018-04-16T15:46:19.953Z",
        "1.0.0": "2018-04-16T15:46:20.204Z",
        "modified": "2018-06-22T15:40:34.455Z",
        "1.0.1": "2018-04-17T09:30:50.447Z",
        "1.0.2": "2018-04-17T10:29:08.648Z",
        "1.0.3": "2018-04-18T14:57:57.082Z",
        "1.0.4": "2018-04-20T08:54:01.121Z",
        "unpublished": {
            "name": "npm",
            "time": "2018-06-22T15:40:34.456Z",
            "tags": {
                "latest": "1.0.4"
            "maintainers": [ {
                "name": "indivisual", "email": ""
            "versions": [ "1.0.0",
    "_attachments": {}

Going off the README (cached version), the package was deprecated at least a month before removal.