No search results on

(bisubus) #1

Search function recently stopped working on

What I Wanted to Do

Search results are supposed to be available when navigating to search results page,

What Happened Instead

Search results page shows 0 packages found, despite that search results are available in search fieldโ€™s autocomplete. Search results are also available on, which seems to use.

Reproduction Steps

Use search field to search for a package, like

Searching for a package name starting with 'raf' does not find any package
search on doesn't work well
npm search fail
Scoped packages not showing up in website search results
(D) #2

Many queries work, but Iโ€™m getting the same absence of results for โ€˜graphql-tagโ€˜:
Autocomplete popup yes, search page no.

(Jeremy Forsythe) #3

Same thing here.

Autocomplete has results but that page has zero

(Elena Hristova) #4

There are no results returned for but the package is present (not deprecated) at

(Daniel Perez Alvarez) #5 ->

(valoric) #6

Same thing for accessing
But bic exists:

(genderquery) #7

Also seeing this with the query โ€œbase64โ€:

The command line search, npm search base64, also shows returns No matches found for "base64".

The results for the query do show, however, in the autocompletion dropdown.

The queries โ€œzlibโ€ and โ€œgzipโ€, for example, do not have this issue.

(Elena Hristova) #8

There is an open issue on You could subscribe for updated from here.

(Elena Hristova) #9

Latest updates states:

Update - We are continuing to work on a fix for this issue. Three character package names are currently not being returned in search results.

However, all of the longer-than-three-character-names examples in this thread are still not returned in the search results.

(wuya) #10

It seems the problem is not just about the length of characters, but that any search that contains digits will not return any result, for both the npm search CLI and the website. For example, โ€œnpm search utf8โ€, โ€œnpm search base64โ€, โ€œnpm search web3โ€, โ€œnpm search node-fetch-http2โ€, โ€œnpm search through2โ€ all returns โ€œNo matches foundโ€, while โ€œnpm search node-fetch-httpโ€ and โ€œnpm search throughโ€ work perfectly.

(Jan Willem Verzijden) #11

this made me giggle abit

~$ npm search npm
No matches found for "npm"
   โ”‚                                                               โ”‚
   โ”‚       New minor version of npm available! 6.7.0 โ†’ 6.9.0       โ”‚
   โ”‚   Changelog:   โ”‚
   โ”‚               Run npm install -g npm to update!               โ”‚
   โ”‚                                                               โ”‚