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Ngx-Pagination with navigation to secondary outlet


I have implemented a custom pagination component using PaginationControlsDirective.

I have a requirement where in i have to open a dialog component (pop up) as a secondary outlet from the pagination component.
Scenario is:

  1. Have a parent
  2. Pagination component is the primary outlet
  3. Dialog/popup is the secondary outlet

URL to pagination component: http://localhost:4200/pricing/quickViewPricing/pricesite?page=2

Now on a button click, i call router.navigate to secondary outlet:
this.router.navigate([{ outlets: { fullViewPopup: ‘fullviewprice’ } }], { relativeTo: this.route.parent });

Pop up opens with the URL: http://localhost:4200/pricing/quickViewPricing/(pricesite//fullViewPopup:fullviewprice/fullviewpricedetail)

“pricesite” is my primary outlet at quickViewPricing
“fullViewPopup” is my secondary outlet on quickViewPricing

ISSUE: When the pop up comes up, the page number is not retained and the page goes back to first page.

Request help on this.


This is the npm forum and your question looks like it is about using ngx-pagination? You could open an issue there: