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ng new website -- cb() never call

Hello Devs,
I got new problem with angular( ng )

Angular CLI: 8.1.1
Node: 10.15.2
OS: linux x64

Package Version

@angular-devkit/architect 0.801.1
@angular-devkit/core 8.1.1
@angular-devkit/schematics 8.1.1
@schematics/angular 8.1.1
@schematics/update 0.801.1
rxjs 6.4.0

npm -v

The “cb() never called” is a generic error message and does not tell us anything about what actually went wrong. Can you attach the log file?

Done… well i tried to attach the log file… but i think upload function not working… on your website…

my specs:

Browser: firefox 64bit - no addon enable that time

and sorry for waiting you long time

2019-07-15T13_30_39_182Z-debug.log (732 KB)

Unfortunately the log file is so long, it’s getting truncated, and we’re only seeing the last half of it.

But, it is getting as far along as a point that could be triggering a recently-fixed race condition. Can you try to update to the latest prerelease and see if that addresses the problem? Release: 6.10.2-next.0

Working… thanks for helping me…
But why i see that error cb() never call… ??