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New package versions not appearing in the registry for ~30 min

It took around 30 min for eslint-config-env@6.0.0 to display in the registry and be installable via CLI. It took only a few minutes for it to appear on the website however.

npm caches it’s registry on your computer. You can run npm cache clean to remove the cache.

In that scenario I reference the exact version which seems to circumvent whatever cache is out of date, e.g. npm i eslint-config-env@6.0.0.

There’s v4 of this lib that was published almost an hour ago, but the cli doesn’t show that it exists:

npm info @material-ui/utils
> latest: 3.0.0-alpha.3 next: 4.0.0-rc.0

I’ve also tried installing via npm install @material-ui/utils@4.0.0 but that doesn’t work either.