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Need to install angular 4.4.6

I am new to angular. For practice purpose I have installed node.js and angular latest version from respected websites. Now as per project requirement I have to remove whatever installed currently.

So as per the requirement I have installed node.js 8.11.0 version on my windows machine.
Now I want to install angular 4.4.6 but not getting any solution over google tried lots of things but no luck.

I have checked my project version in "node_modules/@angular/core/package.json and check version field. It shows 4.4.6. Is it correct? or whatelse I need to do to build and rn this application.

Please help me to get fixed.


(You might get an answer here, but because this forum is focused on npm, you might want to ask your question somewhere that targets experts with Angular. I have moved your topic to #community:javascript)

“Now as per project requirement” sounds like you are following some instructions? Might be useful to show the relevant instructions and/or link to the instructions.

Thank you very much.