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Moving scripts into their own packages

I have a few serialport cli scripts and I want to break them out into scoped @serialport/packages but I’d like to somehow bring them into the package I’m splitting them out of.



All exist in the serialport package. I did figure out I could move them to


And then this will work

npx @serialport/term

But how can do I expose them in the serialport package if I move them?

What do you mean by “expose”?

Why does npx @serialport/term not work for you?

I guess I want them to ship in SerialPort too so people who just upgrade can still run it.

Then add the packages as dependencies. Then they can call npx @serialport/term and it will execute them without needing to download.

I guess this will have to be a breaking change. :thinking:

You could write a thing wrapper script which imports the library from the command package and runs that …